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QTS Group provides a wide range of services tailored to safely manage your construction project. With our deep understanding of risk and schedule, we provide complimentary on-the-job training and we guide you through the regulatory requirements, combining safety knowledge with Industrial Hygiene practices. QTS Group offers the site- and industry-specific expertise needed to create and sustain a safe and sustainable environment.

Construction Site Safety Managers & Technicians
Site-Specific Health and Safety Plans
On-Site Management (Safety and administrative)
Project Safety Audits and Inspections
Personal Protective Equipment Assessments
Toolbox Talks and Training
Noise Monitoring
Subcontractor Oversight
Confined Space Attendant
Third-Party Prequalification Support (ISNetworld®, Avetta, BROWZ)
Corporate Health and Safety Plans
JSA or JHA Preparation and Review
Safety Consulting
Silica and Respirable Dust Exposure Monitoring
Hexavalent Chromium exposure monitoring
Safety Consulting

Project Management

Monitoring of the project is essential to ensure that your project is completed within the prescribed target date. In addition to assigning dates to project activities, project scheduling is intended to match the resources of equipment, materials and labor with project work tasks over time. Good scheduling can eliminate problems due to production bottlenecks, facilitate the timely procurement of necessary materials, and otherwise insure the completion of a project as soon as possible. In contrast, poor scheduling can result in considerable waste as laborers and equipment wait for the availability of needed resources or the completion of preceding tasks. Delays in the completion of an entire project due to poor scheduling can also create havoc for owners who are eager to start using the constructed facilities.

Our skilled project management team can provide additional administrative support by bridging the gap between the client and the contractors, and developing preliminary schedules, LEVEL 3 construction/sequence schedules, resource loading, cash flow analysis, outage schedules. The team can facilitate status meetings and provide support during integration with clients’ schedules by providing schedule risk and quality analyses.