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The QTS Way

Prevent. Protect. Perform. Period.

We are a diverse business committed to the highest standards of professionalism. Our goal is to make QTS Group the go-to expert for innovation, ideas, and best practices in environmental, health and safety. We want to help companies like yours lead your industries in safety, healthy working environments, and environmental stewardship.

Our mission is to help your business protect what matters most in reputation, people, assets, the environment, and bottom-lines.


  • Trustworthy, Reliable Accountability Measures: We believe that being reliable and accountable is what earns trust each and every day. QTS Group is committed to bringing you solutions that enhance your accountability and reliability within your industry.
  • Responsive, Proactive Know-How: We believe knowledge is most impactful when it is proactively and responsibly applied. When safety or health is at stake, responsiveness is paramount, backed by expertise and experience to address effectively and efficiently.
  • Leading-edge Prevention Practices: We believe leading the way through prevention is pivotal to a high-performance, efficient, and effective working environment. We continuously strive to raise the bar to help you reach your health and safety goals.
  • Impassioned Continuous Improvement: We are impassioned by continuous learning and improvement that empowers our team to bring insights, ideas, best practices, and innovation to your operations.
  • Risk Management Problems Solved: We are dedicated to mitigating risk as an ongoing process of anticipating and identifying problems, then devising solutions that will stand the test of time amidst everchanging regulatory or operational demands.
  • Honest, Open Robust Communications: We know that communications are critical to the success of any endeavor, especially when facts must be assessed, and solutions must be determined expeditiously. We will be forthright and diligent in keeping the lines of communication clear and actionable.
  • Agile, Flexible Service-Mindedness: We remain agile and flexible in our availability and accessibility because we understand it is essential for your operations when safety and health are at stake. Your best interests are in our best interest.
  • Dedicated Support When You Need It: We are committed to bringing you the competency and capability you need when you need it. Your schedule is our schedule.